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SEO Certification

007 Computer Services - SEO Certified 

Advanced Search Engine Marketing Skills
by Search Engine Academy

Basic SEO Starter Plan

SEO Optimization

Meet SEO Compliance

Metatag Adjustments

Google Analytics

Monthly Report

Up to 5 hours SEO modifications and optimizing per month!

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Drum Circle Magazine

Drum Circle Magazine

Services Offered

  • Basic Website Development
  • Advanced Website Development
  • ASP.net and PHP Technologies
  • MySQL and MSSQL Databases
  • Flash Animations and Navigation
  • Flash and ActionScript Programming
  • Audio and Video (including High Def)
  • Web Hosting and Administration
  • Streaming Media Hosting & Admin
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Press Releases and Marketing
  • Graphics Design
  • Photography
  • Video Production
Contact 007 Computer Services in Gulfport, FL
Rob Fowler at 007 Computer Services
Owner / Web Developer

2611 49th Street South

Telephone: 727-388-9442

Information: Contact 007 Computer for information and quotes on your web site needs.


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Joomla Development

Joomla provides a powerful and scalable Content Management System (CMS).

007 Computer Services specializes in custom development for clients who need the flexibility and growth potential of Joomla. We effectively integrate social media and community applications along with sophisticated events calendars, third party directories, streaming audio and video, Flash/AS3 development, and more. We will build your website from the ground up and are able to maintain updates for you or offer training to your inhouse administrators.

If you wish to stand apart from your competition and need more than a simple website, then let us demonstrate the power of Joomla to you. This may be the best decision you make all year.

* Call for details - 888-WEB-0077 (888-932-0077) *

Buy Your Domain Name Now

We recommend GoDaddy for domain name registration. Their rates are excellent, the admin panel intuitive, and they allow full DNS access. Please note that we DO NOT recommend GoDaddy for hosting or any other services based upon problems we've had in the past. So when you buy your doamin name, just say "no, thanks" to everything thing else they offer. And when they call, which they will to attempt to sell you more services, just say, "No, thanks."



  • When selecting a domain name, avoid dashes/hyphens and underscore characters.
  • Try how it feels to tell someone your domain name over the phone. Is it easy to understand? For instance, try saying the following:
    MYBUSINESSWEBSITE.COM = "My business website dot com" is easy to understand.
    MY-BUSINESS-WEBSITE.COM = "My dash business dash website dot com" could be misinterpreted easily.
  • Select a user and password that you will provide to us for web administration and development. Do not use the same user and password you use for email and/or banking.

Website Hosting Recommendations

HostGator (for Joomla, WordPress, and HTML/CSS websites)

Based upon several years experience with other hosts, including Network Solutions, GoDaddy, Yahoo, WEB.com, and others, we strongly recommend HostGator for all your website hosting needs (with the exception of ASP.net Windows server websites). HostGator provides superior performance, 99.9% uptime, 24/7 live human tech support, and their rates are very affordable.

DiscountASP.net (for ASP.net and SQL Server based websites)

DiscountASP.net referral

DiscountASP.net is our first choice and recommendation when developing sophisticated ASP.net websites that require a Windows Server platform. We've been developing sites with DiscountASP.net with confidence for several years.

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Who We Are

Based out of Gulfport, Florida, 007 Computer Services has web clients from across the US and around the world.

We have built and maintained websites for corporate and government clients as well as private individuals, artists, musicians, and a wide range of small businesses.

007 Computer Services provides live streaming Flash video for webcast events and on-demand viewing.

Call us today for more information and prices!

  • 727-388-9442 (Pinellas County)

  • 813-322-3693 (Hillsborough County)

  • 727-723-5660 (Cell)